Spent my first weekend of June at a farm in Wisconsin, with a group of people I’ve grown close to over the year, to help out a non-profit education and community organization. The morning consisted of weeding around garlic and transplanting rhubarb, among other tasks. After eating the foods of the harvest we once again decided which tasks to undertake for the afternoon. It was to my pleasant surprise to see Chamomile, one of my favorite herbs.

The only other times I’ve ever picked chamomile were during random encounters while hiking. It was rather calming to sit in the middle of the patch with a white formally yogurt container popping blossoms off their stems. 

Prior to the harvesting, we were told the purpose and to further surprise it was not for tea but rather biodynamic agriculture. After gathering numerous chamomile blossoms they would be taken by the resident herbalist and stuffed inside small intestines of cattle then buried in humus-rich earth during autumn and retrieved in the spring.

The whole ordeal was entertaining and if asked to pick chamomile again I’ll be happy to help out.