I never imagined never.

Never not going to see her. Never not laughing with her. Never not helping her organize and fold her clothes. Never not talking about everything while manicuring her nails and adorning our hands with henna. Never not calling her when out of town to tell her how I was. Never not telling her how I was doing when she would come to my room and ask "see tahay?" 

Never not...

Never imagined I would write or say "was/were" when talking about her.

"Those were her hands, those were her earrings."

It all occurred so quickly and trying to process everything by writing down my emotions resulted in multiple unfinished drafts, and not writing at all so that I would instead spend as much time as I could with my family and friends, while unsii filled the house.

After loving and caring visiting relatives traveled away and the unsii starting to fade I began to write again. This time not with tears streaming down my face but with a smile because ayeeyo was an incredible woman, mother, grandmother that did everything she could for her family and community while never asking for anything in return.

That piece I wrote that night I later on submitted to Araweelo Abroad. A space devoted to curating the words, images and experiences of my sisters living all around the world.

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